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The world is more complex than it used to be, at least according to an HBR article of the same name.   If you’re leading a complex sales organization, you don’t need an academic to tell you that.   All the evidence you need is to listen to today’s sales call full of increasing buyer complexity.

Complexity is the new sales normal.

Although sales conversations are getting exponentially more complex, what hasn’t changed is how salespeople capture & share conversation data.  According to our experience, it’s paper and pen about 75% of the time.  Unfortunately, translating information from those notes into a CRM just doesn’t happen very often or accurately.

Consider the research:

  • 52% of a conversation is forgotten within 1 hour, and over 90% within a few days (Harvard Research Study)
  • The average 50-minute sales conversation is approximately 5,000 words.   The average CRM call summary is about 30 words – a 99.99% data loss.

Bottom line:  Hugely valuable sales data lost or forgotten in a matter of moments.  Organizations pay enormous sums to generate valuable leads, but when it comes time to capturing opportunity information, let’s just say it’s less than optimal.

Sales organizations that want to listen better are turning to digital tools to ensure better execution, comprehension, and collaboration.  It’s a simple task today for the team to take notes digitally and record audio.  All it takes is the permission of the customer, which is granted well 92% of the time in the average field sales call.  Why so high?  Customers want to be heard and don’t like repeating themselves.

It’s a partnership made in heaven.

There are many components to becoming an effective sales organization (CRM, Sales Process, Value Messaging, Sales Coaching, etc.).  But, the missing piece to the puzzle most often lies in execution.  Digital notetaking, when standardized across an entire team, solves the execution problem across multiple sales disciplines to ensure high quality, consistent sales conversations, increased sales coaching, easier CRM adoption – and happier customers.

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