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SpearFysh guides and captures your meetings and presentations so you can focus on your audience.

A significant part of a company’s budget and effort is directed towards acquiring opportunities to meet with customers and qualified prospects. Shouldn’t there be a structured plan for each meeting and an effective method to communicate the meeting discussion to other members of the team so they can assist in acquiring or growing the account?

On a sales call, sales reps have messaging to deliver, processes to follow, customers to engage, information to gather and notes to take. The average person speaks at approximately 125 words-per-minute (7,500 words per hour) and the typing speed of a person concentrating on collecting the information averages 40 words per minute. Given this typical scenario, how much of the conversation can really be captured accurately by a sales rep who is trying to accomplish all of the above at the same time? The answer is: Not much!

What this means is that by the time the sales rep updates the CRM at the end of the day (or week), they are relying upon memory. The majority of the conversation has been forgotten and what is remembered is often incomplete or inaccurate. Furthermore, the sales manager has no way of gauging if the correct processes were followed, how the messaging was delivered, and/or what the prospect/customer really said.

With SpearFysh, the entire meeting can be easily and accurately captured by the sales rep, be automatically updated in the CRM, and be immediately available to the entire team for review.

Watch this video to see how front-line sales reps, sales managers, and others benefit from capturing the
“Voice of the Customer” with SpearFysh.


SpearFysh helps the sales rep, the sales manager and the entire team.

With SpearFysh, the sales rep uses a tablet to capture the meeting. A customized agenda guides the rep to follow established processes, ask the right questions, and deliver the correct messaging. With a simple tap on the screen, agenda topics and key moments in the audio can be tagged for quick access. If needed, handwritten notes, typed notes and interactive forms are all synchronized to the audio as well.

After the meeting, the completed conversation, along with related notes, tags and form data are automatically uploaded to the SpearFysh Cloud, which can connect to the CRM for immediate availability for the other team members. The conversation can be reviewed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer – allowing the user to quickly jump to key moments or specific sections of the conversation simply by tapping on the tags created by the sales rep.

Finally, a link to the conversation can be shared with the customer, so they too can hear the entire conversation, see all the notes and access all of the information discussed.

“At Silversphere we have incorporated SpearFysh into our sales training so new hires can be coached on all interactions and listen to real life interactions without having to leave the office. Additionally, it allows our sales coaches to interact with our team on a weekly basis based on the actual detail of the interaction instead of only the details the sales person remembers or cares to share. SpearFysh allows us to more quickly, efficiently provide targeted guidance for process improvement.”

Rick Taylor Senior Vice President of Market Expansion, Silversphere

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