Is Recording Field Sales Calls Realistic?

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Sales leaders quickly grasp the potential value of recording field sales calls.  Simultaneously, they want to know:

    1. How do prospects react when one asks permission?
      -Favorably – it’s a non-event.
    2. Do customers clam up?
      -They remain surprisingly candid.
    3. Do salespeople resist?
      -Only those who lack a growth mindset.


Why Recording Field Sales Calls Matters

Sales leaders must have a way to know:

    • Was the call actually made?
    • What happened on the call?
    • Are we executing our sales methodology and messaging consistently?
    • Where is my team strong or weak?
    • Are we picking up on new trends and opportunities?
    • How are prospects responding to our messaging?

Now that field sales calls can be recorded and instantly indexed by topic discussed,
ignorance is no longer bliss.  In fact, it’s quite painful.

Is recording complex field sales calls realistic?

Contrarians would say, “Well, I don’t think prospects or customers would open up if they knew they were being recorded.”  Thousands of sales calls later, we know that isn’t the case.  Customers appreciate a deep listening tool

Prospects appreciate not having to repeat the same information to the next guy.  

Complex sales calls are incredibly valuable things – often costing $1,000+.   Do you treat them as such?  

Without recording, field salespeople repeat the same expensive mistakes.

Recording sales calls is simply the most direct way to drive consistent execution and quality across the entire team.

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