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SpearFysh addresses the communication and compliance challenges facing financial advisory teams when sharing complex information with clients and colleagues.

As a unique communication solution, SpearFysh captures handwritten, typed and interactive, form-based notes which are synchronized to an audio timeline useable in any type of interaction. The content is organized and segmented to facilitate simple recall and review by both the advisor and the client. In addition, data analytics reporting is easily integrated with other software applications.

Many financial services organizations have migrated into a “team sport” as staff members are required to be more collaborative. Having an effective way to capture and transfer complex verbal data is vital to more effectively manage the often complicated and multi-faceted financial advisory communications.

SpearFysh is a significantly better way to communicate and share information with clients, while promoting compliance.

With SpearFysh, the advisor uses a tablet to record the conversation with the client, follows a checklist of topics to discuss, captures acknowledgments, shares annotated documents, handouts and notes, and tags key pieces of information for client review.

The completed conversation, along with related notes, documents and data are automatically uploaded to the SpearFysh Cloud, which can connect to client management systems. The conversation can be shared with the client, who can review on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and quickly jump to key moments or specific sections of the conversation.

Finally, a link to the conversation can be shared with a spouse or other family member so they can listen to the entire conversation, review all the notes and access all of the included documents.

Institutions that choose to be at the forefront in the use of leading edge technologies are in our view setting new standards for peers to attain, raising the productivity of their talent through faster decision making and freeing resources from mundane activities.

Accenture 2017 Compliance Risk Study

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