Arming Champions to Sell Your Solution – Part 2 of 2

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Last week, we examined the importance of equipping Champions with tools to sell your solution to key stakeholders inside their own organizations.   Today, we examine a way to provide a customized, shareable video of prospects’ exact situation.  Where does a rep get this video?  He created it during the actual sales call…

Providing clients with a shareable custom video summary helps them communicate YOUR value to THEIR buying team, free of headaches.  Creating this video takes 3 steps.

1. Go Digital:

All you need is an iPad and the SpearFysh app.  During a conversation with your champion, visually sketch your solution (mind map/concept sketch) while using the SpearFysh app.  This is done conversationally while explaining the impact of your solution.  It’s simple:  open up a blank page on an iPad screen, press record, and start sketching.  You might introduce this process early in the sales call by saying, “Jennifer, I know you are a busy person.   Would it be okay if I visually show you how we impact similar organizations to yours?”

2. Draw a Simple Sketch:

While you’re talking, SpearFysh is capturing and synchronizing all of the notes and audio.  Again, draw the concept on the iPad as you converse.  A concept sketch often involves simple circles, squares, and arrows that illustrate the “big picture” of your solution.  People remember visuals, and if that visual also has audio attached custom to the buyer situation, all the better.

3. Send the Link:

After a few minutes, you’re done.  You’ve digitally captured your business model both visually and verbally.  The SpearFysh app then automatically syncs up the words to the sketch and generates a link that is shareable with the champion.  In turn, that champion now has a “custom movie” to immediately spread to others – in visual and verbal detail!

The result – salespeople gain an immediate way for champions convey the right story to other decision makers.

Of course, sometimes the concept sketch gets distributed far beyond the 5+ average decision-makers in a complex sale.  In fact, now that you’ve made a movie, it can actually go viral within the organization.  That’s when the good things really happen!

We occasionally see salespeople get up at a whiteboard to concept sketch for a group.  That is clearly effective.  But, it is even more powerful to do that exact same sketch on a tablet device, projecting the image onto a screen or large display.  That way, you preserve the moment forever, making it personally scalable for your new champion.

In order to succeed at selling high-value solutions today, you’ll still need to find a champion. That is never easy.  But, once that hard work is done, try the Tom Sawyer approach and give your champions an easy way to introduce your new value message to the rest of their associates.

So, from now on, don’t just sell, PUBLISH.  Digital tools now allow you to “author” key moments from field sales calls.  And, those moments – stories, illustrations, and concepts – can then be leveraged by your champion to get a collective yes.

Who knows, maybe your next sales conversation will become a best-seller!

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