Sales Messaging & The Adoption Problem

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Creating good sales messaging is important.  What’s even more important than message creation is message executionField execution and adoption are the weak links in any new sales messaging initiative.   In other words, there is no effective way to ensure consistent field message delivery to customers and prospects.

The biggest challenge facing complex solution companies today:   how do sales managers gain access to salespeople for field coaching to ensure message uniformity?   With sales managers so busy, is it even practical to expect curbside coaching to happen?

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life studying this problem and working to solve it. The good news is that we’ve finally found the answer.

Technology now enables field sales coaching to be done remotely by sales managers.  More and better feedback to field sellers can be done through a simple two-step process:   an app to capture field sales conversations by the salesperson, and a web portal to house them.  That opens up some interesting new options around how to get salespeople performance feedback on actual sales calls:


  1. Have managers do the two-day field trip – high effort, low gain.


  1. Virtual: Have sales managers coach from a digital database of field captured calls – low effort, high gain.
  2. Game Film Breakdown: Have field sales calls “coded” by 3rd party professionals. Coding means that captured sales calls are broken down like game film. Sales managers then give feedback to sellers.  This option is efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Outsourced Field Coaching: Professional 3rd party sales coaches who reside outside the organization can be an effective way to give consistent feedback to sellers – especially now that field sales calls can be “time-shifted” for analysis 24/7 by remote coaches.

(We can help with any of the 3 modern coaching methods above)

The goal of any coaching process is that both high quantity AND quality of feedback occurs.  That is the only way to ensure that messaging is being delivered and received properly.  The economic reality is that when salespeople get consistent feedback, conversations get better.  And effective sales conversations are the #1 driver of revenue growth in complex solutions organizations.

No magic formula.  It’s still hard work to coach, but it’s getting a lot simpler now.

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