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SpearFysh has created a unique and powerful commercial communication product suite, which captures and segments audio information, designed to improve business effectiveness and efficiency. Branded the SpearFysh Commercial Conversation Management System (CCM), the product suite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, comprised of a Mobile Application Suite and Conversation Cloud Data Center. The SpearFysh application offers an improved communication process, including an easy and powerful integration with other business software applications, with future functionality leveraging the power of voice.

When leading a discussion, it’s important to note that 52% of a conversation is forgotten in an hour, 65% in a day, and up to 90% in a week. Improved communication is critical to improving outcomes, whether it be in a sales discipline, CRM utilization, a clinical care setting, or a client consultation. People speak at the rate of approximately 125 words per minute, with an average one-hour conversation of approximately 7,500 words – a significant amount of information to absorb and retain. Studies show that a key reason for organizations not achieving their goals is a failure to communicate in a comprehendible way.

SpearFysh helps overcome the challenges that teams must address when sharing complex information. As a unique communication solution, SpearFysh captures handwritten, typed and interactive, form-based notes which are synchronized to an audio timeline useable in any type of interaction, providing real-time sharing of data. The content is organized and segmented to facilitate simple recall and review by the customer, patient/family and/or client. Data analytics reporting is easily integrated with other software applications.

“Less than half of the key points the sellers covered in their product presentations were remembered by customers a week later.”

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SpearFysh Target Markets

SpearFysh is applicable to a variety of markets including Sales, Consulting, Healthcare, Financial Services, Training, Human Resources, Hospitality, Education, Legal, Engineering, Insurance and more.